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Five Marketing Nightmares and How to Prevent Them The success or failure of your trade show rests heavily on how well you market your event. Marketing, when done right, can project a positive image of your event, entice exhibitors to sign the dotted line, and attract loyal customers. However, critical mistakes in your marketing campaign can have the opposite effect. Here are five costly errors that are common in our business, along with some sound advice on how to avoid making them. You got the perfect trade show or so you think. The products are a great fit for the demographics you
Cheap nike jerseys going to attract. The city you selected is glamorous, loaded with cultural and entertainment opportunities, is easily accessible, and has ample hotel space near the exhibition hall. And you done a
Wholesale NBA jerseys crackerjack job marketing your show you sold all your exhibit booths and advance ticket sales are off the charts. What could go wrong? Plenty, if the exhibition hall you selected is a poor fit. For example, suppose the exhibition space is

less desirable spot: with the young, fragile Oilers, the only franchise to not make the Stanley Cup playoffs since 2006. The Lightning, with Steven Stamkos, were two years removed from an Eastern Conference finals run. Now, with an unsightly 36 63 14 record, the Oilers are a stain on Eakins’ once polished resume. Did Eakins suddenly lose all of that shine in 113 games? Or does the blame mostly lie with Craig MacTavish and Kevin Lowe in the construction of the Oilers? "I had no real good reason to do this outside performance," MacTavish said on Dec. 15, the day Eakins was fired, calling Eakins a "terrific coach." Yes, the Oilers finished with a better mark under Todd Nelson (17 25 9) than they had under Eakins (7 19 5). A closer look at the numbers would tell you Eakins was on to something. It took Nelson 43 games to earn the same number of regulation wins (6) they had under Eakins in the first 15. The Oilers’ power play scored more under Nelson, but their team save percentage was still a league

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